Lent: Pray, Fast, Give


I think this picture really encapsulates the spirit of Lent.

Why do we fast?

To feel miserable and humble ourselves? Or maybe to empathise with the less fortunate?

Why do we pray?

To grow closer to God? To remember those who are suffering?

Or for God to fulfil our selfish needs and desires?

Prayer and fasting is nothing if you don’t take action and the best act of Love is unconditional charity.

The best gift is the gift of yourself to others.

It doesn’t have to be money. 💰

It can be your time.⏳

You could volunteer for something once a week. You could also lend a listening ear and some time and support to someone in need.

Even something as simple as a smile to a stranger walking past you on the streets who looks stressed or troubled. 🙂 that gift of your smile might be the best thing that happens to him/her that day!

You don’t have to be a Catholic and practice Lent to be a good person.

In fact, Lent is just a means of teaching people to be better versions of themselves.

I believe everyone is inherently good. We have just been led astray by materialism, consumerism, our egos and fears.

Listen to your heart, your conscience.

Love and Care.

Live your life for others.

Make the world a better place in your own way.

That’s how you be a good person.

That’s what God desires.

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