The Sun: The Perfect Analogy for God


“Turn your face to the Sun and the shadows fall behind you.” ☀️🌅

This quote really resonated with me as I read it this morning!

It is so true – especially when it’s starting to get colder here, the moment you feel the sun’s rays warming you up, it’s as if the cold never existed!


Similarly, I like to think of the Sun as the perfect analogy for God or whatever higher being or universal power you believe in.

It is the source of all life, all positivity, hope and faith.

Hardly anything else can compare in terms of pure power, brilliance, glory or magnificence!

The Sun is always there, even on a dark, gloomy, cold and rainy day. Just like how God is always there even though we may feel dark and hopeless inside. All we need to do is pray and have faith that things will get better and He will provide.

Just like how we have know and believe that the Sun will always come back out again.

The Sun’s warmth and light reminds me of his boundless love and care for us all.

Unceasingly and unconditional.

Always giving, never demanding.

It’s light guides us out of darkness every morning, telling us it’s time to work and toil.

Every evening, the Sun’s setting signals to us it’s time to rest.

Similarly, God is my ultimate guide and source of wisdom. I find the best answers to my troubles through prayer and often he answers me in the most mysterious and indirect of ways.

Every sunrise and sunset, I give thanks and am dumbstruck by the magnificent views I receive. 🌅

Thank you for always being there!



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