Let the WONDER Consume You


To let the moment teach us, we must allow ourselves to be at least slightly stunned by it until it draws us inward and upward, toward a subtle experience of wonder. We normally need a single moment of gratuitous awe to get us started.

The spiritual journey is a constant interplay between moments of awe followed by surrender to that moment. We must first allow ourselves to be captured by the goodness, truth, or beauty of something beyond and outside ourselves. Then we universalize from that moment to the goodness, truth, and beauty of the rest of reality, until our realization eventually ricochets back to include ourselves. This is the great inner dialogue we call prayer.”

Richard Rohr Daily Meditations (24th Mar 2018)

This sense of wonder and awe and being stunned at the beauty of everything and the wonder of every moment is something I have been experiencing lately.

These 2 paragraphs have put into words what I have not been able to express until now.

There is truly so much to be grateful about, in every moment, in everything around you.


Just look at a leaf or flower closely and wonder at its intricate designs.


Or catch the sunrise and get lost in amazement and awe!

Yesterday’s sunrise in Auckland

“Who created it? How did it happen? Why?”

Usually I don’t really think of those questions.

I just go “wow … 😮” in my head and in my heart and truly …

… savor that moment.

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