A Natural Escapade, The Butcher’s Son Review and Possibly Finding a Part-Time Job!

As I walked back from morning mass this morning, I thought to myself, “What a beautiful day!”

It was cold but the sun’s magnificent rays did a wonderful job of warming me up.

As I returned to my room,Ā I felt a compelling urge to escape from the house. To escape outside, back to nature.

A quick change of clothes later and I was out the door! Jogging to Grey Lynn Park and eventually to the field at Saint Paul’s College. I had no idea where I wanted to go and just kept going straight. In the direction of parks or ‘nature’ places I knew nearby.



Looking up, I noticed there was not a single cloud in sight!

The sky was truly, sky blue. The Sun shone brightly in all its glorious solitude.

It was to remain this for the entire day!

After a quick calisthenics session at the pull-up bars, I decided to check Google Maps to see what lay ahead.

I noticed that if I continued straight, I would go past a vegan/vegetarian restaurant I had saved on my map. The guys from the Organic Mechanic have been recommending me to try the food at The Butcher’s Son repeatedly these past few days.

Further still, I would hit the coast.

“Perfect!” I thought to myself.

“What a lovely day to spend at the beach!”

It seems like my path was already laid out for me!

I would jog to the beach first before heading back the direction I came, stopping by the Butcher’s Son for lunch and then heading straight home.

The following video pretty much sums up my morning ‘nature escapade’Ā šŸ™‚

The was actually quite lukewarm and as the tide receded, I noticed lots of mussels, sea snails and mini-clams (?) moving about on the sand. They were busy digging down to avoid the sun. Honestly, I was fascinated at seeing a live seashell moving! It was a stark contrast to the countless empty and lifeless ones littering the shore all around me.

After almost an hour at the beach and working up an appetite from all the physical activity this morning, I was hungry! A quick jog later and I found myself outside The Butcher’s Son.

the butcher's son


204 Jervois Road
Herne Bay
Auckland, New Zealand


Monday ā€“ Friday 7am ā€“ 4pm [last orders at 3pm]
Saturday ā€“ Sunday 8am ā€“ 4pm [last kitchen orders 3pm]

I admit, the restaurant’s name can be a little misleading. Why would a butcher’s son set up a restaurant that doesn’t use any animal products??

The more I thought about it, the more ingenious I thought was. Hardcore meat eaters might be attracted to this restaurant but find that plant based eating can actually taste pretty good and hopefully, have a change of heart.

Or maybe it was literally set up by a butcher’s son who did not agree with all the butchering and unnecessary suffering of animals?

It took awhile but after reading every review on their site, I finally got the answer. One of the owners’ father is an actual importer of meat. However “The Meat Importer’s Son” isn’t as catchy at “The Butcher’s Son” eh?

TBS's Menu

Their menu was really extensive for a vegan restaurant! I was blown away by the choices.

The first page alone consisted of all day breakfasts, smoothie and lunch bowls, Tacos, burgers, a kids menu, a long list of sides and treats in the cabinet. The second page had aĀ  comprehensive list of drinks from your usual cafe offerings to Kombucha, smoothies, cold pressed juices, bottled and hot drinks, cocktails, beer, sparkling, red and white wine!

Eventually I choose a lunch bowl and went up front to see what was today’s specials. The ‘Coconut Yoghurt’ from the Hot Lentil bowl caught my eye as I have recently been on a coconut yoghurt craze – buying all flavors of Raglan’s coconut yoghurt to spread on sourdough toasts and salads.

TBS 2.jpg

After ordering, I took some time to take in the ambience.

I really liked how the restaurant had a cosy, woody, natural and earthy vibe to it. It kind of felt like we were in one big tree. There was much natural sunlight and the music was nicely complementary to the mood I was feeling.

A quick trip to the restrooms later revealed the cutest gender signs on the restroom doors I’ve ever seen!

I barely read 3 pages of my book before my food arrived! It looked marvellous!

TBS bowl

The yogurt and onions were perfect for counteracting the spice from the lentils. The basmati rice was fluffy and moist and paired well with the dahl. I really enjoyed the crispy curry leafs too!

Two words – Thoroughly Satisfying.

Verdict:Ā ā™„ā™„ā™„ā™„ā™„ (5/5 ā€“ Exceptional!)

And this bowl wasn’t even in any of the highly recommended dishes I’ve just read in the reviews! Now I’m already looking forward to returning to try the recommended ones!

After paying, I casually asked the staff if there was a part-time position available.

Honestly, I’ve spent the whole of last and this week researching and emailing CVs to about a dozen health promoting restaurants and health food stores in an attempt to find a part time job. I’ve even walked the streets of the neighbouring suburbs and personally going into restaurants, cafes and health grocers to ask. All of which have been futile.

This morning, I had actually given up and decided to stop looking. Choosing instead to focus my time and energy on blogging, school and a potential business idea.

To my surprise, the staff I was speaking to was one of the co-owners of the restaurant! He asked what kind of position I was looking for and immediately directed me to the Green Room at the back for an on-the-spot interview!



TBS green room
The ‘Green Room’ is available to cater for private functions and corporate events.

He wasted no time. After printing out some forms, he got my details and study schedule, I explained by student visa status, and gave me a quick but concise run down of the job.

Next, he showed me the kitchen and elaborated further on what I would be doing. It was mostly a kitchen aid job such as washing dishes during the busy hours and food prep work during the less busy ones.

I wasn’t picky and it all sounded good to me. I was really impressed at the amount of freshly prepared ingredients in stacked in rows upon rows of containers. It was all so colourful and screamed “healthy food” to me!

Later on, when Chris found out I was studying Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, he told me that the recipes for part of the menu, especially the Cabinet treats at the front, were created by a Naturopath too – Amy Lynn. How cool is that!

He said he would have a word with the chef and that they might have a position available on the weekends.

Today has turned out to be another one of those magical days. The weather was perfect, nature was rejuvenating and I might have finally gotten a job at an unexpectedly exceptional vegan restaurant where I can learn about healthy plant based eating.

Maybe all those rejections were meant for me to get this job?

Who knows.

All I know is I’m glad I listened to my heart telling me to get out of the house this morning!Ā šŸ’ššŸ˜Š

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