Hot Noodle Winter Soups!


These days, #winter makes me feel like having a hot bowl of veggies and noodles for dinner every night! šŸœ

Since my autoimmune healing, I have been regularly eating spelt products according to the Saint Hildegard’s Medicine and dietary protocol practiced by the Naturopath that treated me.

I try to simplify things and cook it all in one pot. Usually, this includes 2 heaping plates of veggies too from onions and shallots to fennel, carrots, tomatoes, cabbages, broccoli, kale, garlic and other garden herbs.

Today I added a pouch of @hansellsallnatural Green Curry soup with Konjac.


That green curry flavour added some sweet spicy goodness to my already pretty green soup! šŸ²

#comfortfood #loveinapot

What’s your favorite dinner these days?

Instagram repost with added info.
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