Book: The Archangel Guide to the Animal World


This book has offered me a whole new perspective on the animal world and nature in general.

Basically, Diana writes that every living being incarnates for a reason. And most often, it is to experience and learn about life here on Earth or to teach us humans various lessons.

For example, butterflies often carry messengers from Angels. When you see one, think about what message it might be delivering to you? From the time and place to its colour or the way and direction it flies.

I was pondering really hard the other day, trying to decide which of three houses I’d just viewed was the right one for me to move into.

Then a white butterfly flew across my face.

As I stared at it, happily dancing in the air, I was reminded of the 2nd home I’d viewed whose interior was mostly white whereas the 3rd home was predominantly black.

I started to question myself, “Could this be a message from the angels, telling me that the white one was the right one?”

Somehow, my mind started to open up after seeing that butterfly and I realized many more reasons why the 2nd home was the best one of all. To back this up, my family were quick to agree that the 2nd home was the best one when I told them about the house.

I have since moved in and found so many more reasons to be grateful for finding and choosing this home.

Besides butterflies, the book also describes messages and reasons for why many more animals and plants exist.

I was surprised to learn that many animals deliberately choose to get caught and killed by humans to teach us a lesson. For example, turtles, dolphins and sharks get caught in fishing trawlers on purpose to teach us about fishing sustainably. Turtles also eat plastic on purpose to bring to our attention the state of pollution in our oceans.

Cockroaches, and rats may be disliked by most humans but they are the garbage cleaners of the animal world. Their service is not only to clean up the physical garbage, but also the spiritual garbage and negative energies around us.

Flies buzzing around you could be attracted to your undeclared anger or just reminding you to clean up certain areas of your life.

Trees are wise, sentient, seventh-dimensional beings who are keepers of knowledge and ancient wisdom. They also keep records of local history, give healing and provide emotional nurturing to those open to it.

Diana also says that an animal chooses its incarnation and many are so noble as to choose to be incarnated into zoos/captivity for our viewing pleasure or worse still, into laboratories to be experimented on.

Ultimately, she writes that “The divine intention is that we coexist with the natural world and that we humans honour our fellow beings. Our spiritual contract on Earth is to live in total harmlessness with all. No animal has agreed to be eaten! … With our developed reasoning capacity, we are meant to be smoothing and easing their lives!”

Lastly, this book has peaked my curiosity on various other myths and legends such as angels, elementals, fairies, the Golden Age of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Petranium and different dimensions and ascended stars.

There truly is so much we don’t know about the universe around us and which science has yet to catch up to. Even more so, these animals, trees and ‘other-worldly beings’ might know so much more than us but because of the communication barrier, or just us being un-open to receiving it, we are still in the dark.

I hope someday, our species may ascend to such a high frequency where we live in total harmony and love with Earth and all its inhabitants.


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