Dropping “perfection” and adopting a New Writing Style

In recent times, I have been rather paranoid and overly meticulous with a perfectionist mindset towards every post I publish. I re-read and re-consider every line and paragraph, thinking too much about what others might think and only publishing it if its “perfect”.

That has led to many posts never being published (I have accumulated 55 drafts already!)

From now on, I am going to try taking a more carefree approach and focus on publishing more and spending way less time fretting about “all the small things”.

Also, my original intention of this blog was to share what I’ve learnt through my own healing journey.

That has somewhat become a bit of a restriction/”mind block” for me now as my writing has evolved beyond long 5000 word articles backed up by hours of reading and research.

If you’ve been following this blog, you may have noticed that the last time I published one of those articles was months ago! School and a part time job and balancing studies with work and rest & relax / downtime has been the main reason for this.

These days I’m also more inclined to share thoughts, reflections and daily life events too.

Thus I will start publishing more shorter posts and daily-life related stuff and keep this blog more like a journal or an online space to share my thoughts and reflections.

To start off, I’m not even going to bother proof-reading this post or I’ll end up thinking too much about whether to publish or not and eventually just close the window.. 😉

To less perfectionism!

and blocking out the opinions of others!

and more Action!


P.s. What is a blog anyway? What’s your opinion of this one? How should I improve to better serve you? Please comment below!

3 thoughts on “Dropping “perfection” and adopting a New Writing Style

  1. hey bro! hope you’re doing well in Akl! keep up the good work! A blog to me can be anything you decide it to be and in this case reflections and thoughts about your experiences. So think about how you want to convey those and what impact you want the posts to have and who you want specifically to read it. Mucho aroha

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