When Kombucha is as good as Wine!

Lavender booch

2 weeks ago, our Lavender Blackcurrant flavored Kombucha was one of the 6 locally crafted artisanal beverages featured in a food and beverage pairing event called the Imbibe Tribe.

Essentially, this event was like a gathering of foodies and local craft beverage companies to taste and enjoy the food pairings as well as share knowledge and stories surrounding the manufacturing of these beverages.

Besides us, there were 3 other red wines, a white, a stout and an apple cider featured.

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After some icebreakers, we had a talk by New Zealand’s only Master Sommelier – Cameron Douglas, who taught us the basics of wine tasting.

I learnt that to fully taste a beverage, you’d start by swirling and sniffing the aromas of the wine first, before taking a little sip, sloshing it around your mouth and tongue, before swallowing and exhaling a breath. Every step would reveal a little more of the beverage’s flavour to your gustatory and olfactory receptors (taste and smell).


Every table also had a tray of chips, dark chocolate, oranges and cheese which represented salty, bitter, sweet and savoury flavors respectively. We were encouraged to try these with the different beverages and it was really interesting how different beverages went well with different tastes.

After that, we had some fun going around in groups blending our own wines from an assortment of fresh, aromatic ingredients.

The best part of the evening was certainly when it was time to sit down and enjoy the 6 course meal. Here’s what the menu looked like. Notice that there was no meat! Just lots of cheese though but that was a pleasant twist by our chefs from Kapiti.


Our booch’ was brilliantly paired with this spicy tomato soup-based dish consisting of kombucha compressed honeydew (I’m still puzzled at how this was done!), feta mousse and charcoal chips.


As the guests enjoyed this food-beverage pairing, our brewmaster, Raj, delivered a short poem about the story of the Organic Mechanic and what we stand for as well as how the flavour came to be. I was so lost in the moment that I forgot to take a video or picture! (sorry Raj! 😔)

My favourite pairing that evening had to be the Little Wing 2016 Syrah with the Potato Gnocchi, mushrooms, watercress and smoked Havarti! The savouriness of the gnocchi went really well with the deep, rooty, fruitiness of the Syrah.


At the end of the event, I spoke with one of the winemakers who helped organize this event and was pleasantly surprised to find out that his favourite beverage that night was our Kombucha!

Even though I’m just a casual employee, I’m still really proud to be working for the Organic Mechanic. We take great pride in providing the best we can offer and that includes everything from sourcing the best, natural spring water in New Zealand to using only organic and sustainably grown ingredients to the positive energies and prayers (including multiple OMs) from our brew squad as they brew every single batch.

Our mission is to improve the vibes of the planet and selling Kombucha is just one means of doing that (it’s the perfect alcohol alternative for your parties!). Recently, we’ve moved into eliminating the use of straws at our shack at the La Cigalle markets in Parnell too. I dare say we are leading the charge on the whole ‘conscious business’!

Currently, we’re having a storewide discount on all our booch’! 

And to add more icing on that gluten-free, vegan cake 😉, if you use the following codes “JOHN300” (for 300mls) or “JOHN750” (for 750mls), you’ll get an additional discount off the already discounted prices of Organic Mechanic kombuchas here! (Free shipping within Auckland!)

Our Kombuchas are the perfect alcohol-alternative for your parties, potlucks, and gatherings. The original “liquid gold” ginger flavor is great for this winter weather but my favorite is still the lavender blackcurrant which reminds me of my childhood days drinking Ribena… except this one is almost sugar-free and a great probiotic drink that does wonders for your health!

You can read more about the benefits of Kombucha here!

4 thoughts on “When Kombucha is as good as Wine!

  1. I have to try Kombucha – heard a lot about it – not sure if it replaces wine and its definitely as expensive here in NZ. But hey if its healthy and gives me a reason to be alcohol-free for now – its worth a try!


    1. Well in my opinion, its good to have more variety in your diet as you can get resveratrol from wine but the alcohol content is high while kombucha has many of its own benefits like a diverse range of probiotics and low alcohol. Do give it a try!

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