To-Do List Hack!

To be honest, I’ve never been very successful at using To-Do lists.

Partly because I write them down and then don’t check them enough which eventually leads to me forgetting about them!

However, I’ve recently discovered a To-Do List Hack that helps me get the list checked ✔

This comes in the form of the Reminders app on my phone (iPhone, sorry for Android users I’m sure there are similar apps!)


Basically once I’ve scheduled something down with an alarm to remind me to do it, the list keeps popping up everytime I look at my lock screen!


As irritating as it sounds, it certainly is very helpful as you are reminded at least a dozen times a day to get that task done!

And it stays there until you ‘clear’ it.

For now, this irritation is working preeeetty well for me 😉

Do you have a hack of your own? Do share in the comments below!

Get them lists checked!

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