10 Mindset Shifts to Heal and Stay Healthy

The power of our minds is indisputable.

You can think yourself into sickness, but you can also think yourself back into health.

Practising the following mindsets will allow you to shift your perspectives towards healing, health and living more fully.

1. Positivity  there is always a positive side in every situation. Look for it.

2. Gratefulness  possibly one of the most powerful emotions you can draw on at any time. Just think of 3 things you are grateful for right now. You should start to feel better already. Practice this regularly, for example – first thing upon waking, throughout your day, before each meal, after every encounter, and last thing before bed.

3. Stress less, relax more – some stress is good to keep us on our toes and give us that push. Too much is definitely undesirable. You’ll know when that line has been crossed. Strike a healthy balance. Find your own ways to reduce and/or cope with excess stress and enjoy life more.

4. Resilience – when a storm comes, don’t be the stiff oak that resists the wind until it breaks. Be the bamboo which bends with the wind and stays tall and resilient.

5. Savour the moment – be mindful of every moment. Humans cannot multitask. We can only focus our attention on one thing at a time. Be present and live in the moment. That’s how you enjoy this journey of life.

6. Be satisfied – “Happiness is not having what you want. It’s wanting what you have.” Count your blessings!

7. Selflessness – it’s not always about you. Sometimes we blow up our problems disproportionately. Look beyond yourself or your plight. How can you be more self-less? Open your heart. Care more.

8. Believe – anything is possible once you set your mind and will into accomplishing it. Believe in the impossible.

9. Keep improving (Kaizen) – roughly translated to “good change”,  Kaizen is a japanese philosophy of “constant, continuous improvement”. Progress is progress. Better every day.

10. Forever young – don’t let life or age get to you. Never forget how it felt to be a kid again. Stay inquisitive, stay optimistic, stay hopeful, joyful and worry-free. Stay young.

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