What happens to your waste?


Question: where does your waste go? 🗑

Does it end up in a pile, on a landfill in some other country, becoming someone else’s problem?

Last night the @theorganicmc hosted another #ommovienight featuring the acclaimed documentary “Living the Change” about New Zealanders making a difference through the sustainable business or lives they lead. 🎥


Here’s the trailer:

The event itself was #zerowaste serving booch (Kombucha) in reusable cups and a delicious plant-based meal in bowls that were washed and will be reused for future events.

Everything else went into the compostable or recyclable bin. ♻️


That movie really got me thinking about the impact of my life on the environment. More specifically, how the waste I generate is impacting the health of our planet and it’s sustainability. 🌏

I guess growing up in a busy city like Singapore, once the trash goes down the rubbish chute it’s “out of sight, out of mind” 🙈

But in all reality, I’ve probably already accumulated a mini Bukit Timah (a famous hill in Singapore) of trash that’s gonna stick around on earth much longer than I am. 😔

I’m inspired to think of ways to live as “waste-free” as I can. As well as other ways of living more consciously.

There are simple things that anyone can do such as using less plastic, starting a compost, recycling more, voting with your wallet and probably the best of all (for your health too) is eating less meat! 🥩

While it may not seem like your individual efforts amount to much, remember that every action you make has the potential to create a ripple effect to those around you.

I’m sure each and every one of us wants our planet and environment to be as healthy as can be. 🌱

The truth is that it’s not.

Earth is slowly dying because of our actions.

We need to change this.

We need to live the change.

Start thinking, start acting.

Start changing. ⚡️


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