Onion grass and Urban foraging weeds for your salad!


Have you heard of “Onion Grass”? 🌱

It’s actually like grass that tastes and smells like sweet onion!


Their white flowers are blooming everywhere here in the beautiful New Zealand spring landscape!


There is no feeling that compares to the simple joys of picking some fresh veggies straight from the soil, taking it home, chopping it up and having it FRESH in your salad bowl. 🥗



It’s amazing and empowering once you start learning more about the plants around you, their names and which parts can be eaten etc. I literally foraged for these at the side of a diet track I like to run on near school.

Growing or foraging for your own food really connects you to nature.

You’ll start to see the beauty of Mother Nature, even in the “weeds” such as these! 🌱

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