Beating the “Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything” Syndrome

Ever since I’ve arrived back in Singapore, I’ve been suffering from the above syndrome.

Maybe it’s the extreme and sudden change in environment, the hot, stuffy and humid weather, the change in time zones, or maybe just the holiday season?

Either way, I’ve become kinda lethargic, lazy, apathetic and just “don’t feel like doing anything.” I was beginning to worry that this might be the start of depression! 😨

I had so much plans to meet up with friends and spend more time with family and touring around Singapore like a tourist but this week, all I’ve felt like doing in my spare time is sleeping or watching a movie and just “le-pak -ing” (Singlish for relaxing).

All that changed today when I had to meet my Godfather at 845am and so decided to wake early and get a Rings workout in from 630-730am.

After half a day out, I came back around 330pm and instead of the usual 2 hours afternoon nap I’ve been taking these few days, I felt so motivated to get something productive done!

I said my Rosary, journaled and reflected and brainstormed on the future, and now am writing this post which I’m determined to publish by 6pm today.

Overall, I’ve felt a kind of shift. Its hard to describe but kinda like I’ve been re-energized!

Reflecting on this in my journal just now, I came to the conclusion that this shift was the culmination of a number of factors.

  1. Time – it was bound to happen. Everyone goes through periods of ups and downs, periods of productivity and motivation and periods of rest and relaxation. After spending too much time doing nothing, eventually I’d be compelled to do something.
  2. The stress of constraints – I knew I wanted to get a workout in before leaving the house at 8am. Maybe having that dateline and little bit of stress gave me motivation that continues to exert its effects now
  3. Good influence – my Godpa is a very driven and motivated man. Always talking about his plans for the future and projects he is working on. Maybe being around him rubbed off a little of his magic onto me.

I have now filled 3 pages with ideas, got a small calisthenic workout done during my “sitting movement break”, am now going to publish this post and already am fired up to write a few more for the new year!

If you’ve felt like this recently during this holiday season, have hope!

It doesn’t last and I hope this post will give you that little spark you need to get going! ⚡


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