3 Questions to Help You Reflect on 2018

Another year has passed.

On the last morning of 2018, I decided it was the perfect time to reflect on the year and think about the year ahead.

šŸ“ Pen and paper is best of course and so I opened my journal and wrote down 3 simple questions on 3 separate pages.

1.What went well this year?

This page was full of ticks āœ“ instead of the usual bullet points for example:

āœ“ personal growth – much less emotional, rarely loss my temper.
āœ“ studies – stayed ahead of assessment datelines and prepared for exams way ahead of time
āœ“ stayed very consistent with staying active, exercise and outdoor activity

2. What could have been better?

Bullet points on this page was either ā†‘ or ā†“ for example:

ā†‘ do more reading
ā†‘ more journaling and reflecting
ā†“ less time on social media scrolling”

3. How can I make 2019 better than 2018?

Bullet points on this page were check boxes to be ticked ā˜ for example:

ā˜ more inner life – prayer, meditation, reflection, nature walks, contemplation
ā˜ spend at least 30 mins a day reading
ā˜ blog more!

I hope these 3 simple questions may also guide you in your 2018 reflection and preparations for the new year.

Jah Bless

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