Why Choose ‘Organic’ or ‘Spray-Free’?

This great analogy popped into my mind today.

You know those insecticide sprays you use to kill cockroaches or nasty bugs you don’t want in your homes?

Would you spray that all over your salad or veggies for dinner?

Sure, you can argue that you can always wash it off but seriously … even after washing, would you still choose to eat those veggies?

I hope you think about this every time you buy some perfect looking conventional produce that has no holes made by insects on their leaves because they have been sprayed.

Here’s a short summary of health concerns linked to pesticide exposure and consumption (source)

  1. Endocrine disruption (hormone disruption)
  2. Carcinogenic (cancer causing)
  3. Neurodevelopmental effects in children
  4. Effects on embryonic development (growing fetus)
  5. Hepatic lipid dysfunction (liver)
  6. Lipid metabolism (ability to utilize fats for energy)
  7. Disruption of normal cellular metabolism
  8. Decreased insulin secretion
  9. Cardiovascular diseases 
  10. Dementia and negative effects on the nervous system
  11. Reproductive disorders (i.e. promoting testicular cell death)
  12. Gut dysbiosis
  13. DNA damage
  14. Allergies
  15. Respiratory problems

If this list doesn’t scare you, then nothing will haha. Even if you don’t care much about your health, at least give a thought to what you are feeding your loved ones.

Well, I hope now you are a little less ignorant of what you are putting into your body after reading this.

To your health,

Further ‘rabbit hole diving’: http://www.pan-uk.org/health-effects-of-pesticides/

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