Things I Tell Myself

Things I Tell Myself

The following are short phrases that I constantly tell myself throughout my days for various reasons.

Some for correcting cognitive dissonance, biases and prevent bad decision making, especially when I know I’m not thinking clearly!

Some to remind me of lessons learnt and prevent old mistakes.

Some purely philosophical and rooted in my values/beliefs.

And others for pure motivation.

Whatever it is, these help me “operate better” in any situation.

I will update this periodically. For now, I hope they may be of benefit to you too.

“Is this necessary?”

“Stop deliberating!”

“Less thinking!”

“Make a decision and go!”

“Go with your feelings!”

“Carpe diem!”

“Stop Worrying!”

 “Stop giving excuses!”

“See the BIGGER picture.”

 “Know thyself”

“Know your limits”

“There is always another day.”

“One thing at a time.”

“Simplify Things”

“Automate Things!”

“Keep it Simple”

“Make it simple for yourself!”

“What can I learn from this?”

“Time is limited.”


 “Stop caring about the opinions of others.”

“Don’t be so serious!”

“Enjoy life!”

“Be satisfied.”

“Don’t overindulge.”

 “Why am I doing this?”

“Let your Actions speak, not your words”

“Be gentle and kind with your words”


“To Each His Own”

“Who am I?”

“Who do I want to be?”

“How do others perceive me?”

“What impression am I leaving on others?”

“Keep your ideas to yourself”

“Keep your dreams to yourself until they’ve been fulfilled”

“Let your results speak for themselves”

“Everything you do is an Art.”

“Time management is Energy management”

“Don’t waste time, words or effort on people or things unnecessary.”

“Ask the Right questions and you will find the Right answers”

“All things in due time”

“This too, shall pass”

“What if meant to be, will be.”

“Money is just a Means to an End.”

“No one likes to listen to your preaching!”

“Ignite their curiosity, make them reflect/ask questions.”

“Change is inspired, it cannot be forced”

 “Sleep is so much sweeter after a hard day’s work”

When unmotivated: countdown “5-4-3-2-1, go!” (and do it)

“Live on your terms!”

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