Bore Yourself

For when you create boredom, mindfulness awaits.

Recently I’ve realized how distracted our life has become.

The influence of social media, personal messaging platforms, TV, etc, all threaten to consume every moment of our waking hours.

This results in constant distraction where we are always searching for the next mini “dopamine hit”.

In retaliation, I have been trying to “create boredom” – times where I am not distracted by the influence of technology or other distractions.

  • Eating with family at the dinner table instead of in front of the TV
  • Not checking my phone for notifications 1st thing in the morning
  • Sitting down to an ‘empty desk’ after dinner to consolidate my thoughts for the day instead of the TV/computer/phone screen

The result?

I feel much more mindful of what I’m doing, have clearer thoughts, become clearer in my thinking

For example, when eating, I am more attuned to my satiety signals and overeat less often. I also enjoy my food more because my attention is solely directed towards it.

Without the temptation to catch up on the latest TV series, I even picked up that book I’d been meaning to read for so long. And was pleasantly satisfied at the productive use of my time.

Not being distracted from the ‘haze of social media or modern entertainment’ also gives you time for contemplation. Put simply, just some time to yourself to think about things you otherwise wouldn’t because of those distractions.

What do you think?

Would you agree that boredom breeds mindfulness and productivity?

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