These days, as I mature, I am beginning to grasp the concept of self-regulation.

When to push yourself, and when to give yourself a break?

Initially, I began writing this in the context of training.

Since adopting the mindset to “train intuitively”, I realised I am able to regulate myself much better.

Allowing myself to relax and take a day off if I feel sore or low on energy.

Then bouncing back strong and fresh the next day, ready to kick ass!

Having this flexibility to self-regulate has made a huge difference in my training mindset and mentality.

As I reflect on this, I begin to see it has applications in all aspects of life.

Self-regulation starts with awareness – taking an assessment of where you are at this present moment, in whatever context you are in.

Then making decisions based on your present capabilities.

In a sense, Self-regulation is also a form of mindfulness. Being present and attuned to your body. Then responding appropriately. It is a discipline that modern life does not teach us.

For example, lets say you did not have a particularly active day, its dinnertime and you still feel full from your afternoon snack. What do you do?

Or its 8pm and your eyes are tired, half-closed but there is still another hour left of the show you’re watching on Netflix. What do you do?

I must admit it is difficult and does call for some discipline. And is easier said than done.

But keep trying.

It only gets easier.


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