What is Normal Eating?

Do you think you have a ‘Normal’ eating pattern?

Take a look at this diagram detailing various eating patterns from our lecture today on Nutrition and Mental Health.

Really food for thought eh?

I must admit, after trying so many diets and multiple bouts of fasting over the past years, I think I have a moderate eating disorder… 🥴

On a more serious note, extreme eating disorders on either ends of this spectrum can be very devastating, not only to the individual but everyone around who cares for them… 😔

Its good to be aware of any restrictive or overeating patterns you may have.

Mindfulness is key.

And so is some Stoicism.

At this point of my life, my relationship with food is much less complicated.

I believe that eating is an Experience

One that should be Enjoyed

And whenever possible, Shared with others

Food should also be viewed as Nourishment.




Not something to regulate your Body Image

or Ego,

or Emotions.

Nor should it be a form of excessive Indulgence.


or Addiction.

To sit down to a meal, Lovingly prepared.

Is a Gift.

To prepare a meal for others,

is like gifting Happiness.

To know when to Stop eating,

.. is to know Satisfaction.

Not the Fear

of Not Having Enough.

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