JET LAG: Prevention and Biohacks

Ever suffered from Jet Lag?

Well I’m pleased to say that I have more or less hacked this with some tips and tricks that any average Joe/Jane can do – without the need for fancy biohacking equipment.

1. Stick to Destination Circadian Cycles

Probably the most important hack of all is to start normalizing your circadian clock to the next destination.

Start shifting your bed & wake times a few days in advance. Follow the sun cycles (may not apply to places with abnormally long day or night times).

Optimize your sleep by avoiding food close to bedtime, and having food close to waking (food is a strong circadian trigger).

2. Earthing

This is my favourite and go to biohack for almost everything. I try to aim for 2x/day with 10-15 mins each time. It makes a profound difference to circadian rhythm and inflammation.

Watch the Earthing Movie for a fantastic eye-opener documentary: The Earthing Movie ⅼ Documentary revealing the science of grounding

3. Sunlight

Another major player in circadian rhythms. Its a no-brainer.

Even our skin can detect light! [1]

Adequate sunlight exposure and vitamin D levels will also help you produce melatonin to fall asleep easier. [2]

4. Exercise

Exercise benefits Jetlag because it is a strong signal for circadian rhythms.

We are active during the day and naturally less active at night. Therefore, physical activity, especially strenuous ones, can help reset your circadian rhythms.

Beyond Jetlag, there are so many more benefits of exercise.

My favourite one is how I have no problems falling asleep on days I exercise. 😉

Exercise also produces lots of feel-good hormones (endorphins) and other signals to your body to build muscle & bone, burn fat, detoxify toxins, improve circulation, improve brain function, improve mood, relieve depression, recycle defective cells, improve bowel motions, invigorate your vitality, etc [3].

5. What to do on Planes?

6. Other TIps

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