Sauerkraut for Gut & Immune Health

Making my first batch of sauerkraut since being back in Sg!

What makes fermented cabbage so good for our health?

Cabbage is high in glutamine – a conditionally essential amino acid which is an important fuel source for cells in our immune and gastrointestinal system.

Glutamine supports normal growth and development of intestinal cells and also helps maintain the integrity of the intestinal barrier to prevent “leaky gut”.

Most diseases can be improved by improving your gut health. Since most of our immune system resides in our gut.

It is conditionally essential because in times of illness or injury, our body may not be able to produce enough. Therefore eating foods rich in glutamine regularly will benefit your gut and immune health.

You can drink cabbage juice to heal gastrointestinal issues but sauerkraut has the added bonus of providing pro- & pre-biotics (good bacteria and their food source) for your health!

Have you tried making sauerkraut?

Here’s my quick recipe. [1]

Stay well,

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