Naturopathic Theory: Hering’s Law of Cure

This theory is an interesting one.

Hering’s Law of Cure is based off observations in nature and people where certain diseases seem to develop in various directions within the body:

  • from the periphery to the centre
  • from the outside to the inside
  • and from the bottom up

Therefore Hering’s Law of Cure describes the direction of cure – which moves from the opposite direction:

  • The cure must proceed from centre to circumference.
  • From above > downward
  • From within > outwards
  • From more important to less important organs, and
  • From the head to the hands and feet. [1]

Personally, I have experienced this in my own autoimmune disease.

If I am not careful with my diet, the symptoms always start in my peripheries – joint stiffness and swelling in my fingers.

Conversely, during my recovery, the symptoms improved from the inside out – starting with the joints in my torso (hips, lower back, SC-joint) to my elbows and ankles and finally my fingers (peripheries).

This is such a simple and intriguing phenomenon, not really backed by science (can’t perform any randomized controlled trials eh?) but rather backed by the ‘original science’ of simple Observation.

So I guess Healing does begin from the Inside Out.

Have you experienced this too?

Peace & Healing,

Another great explanation from Dr. Foster’s site [2]


  1. World Naturopathic Federation. (2017). WNF White Paper: Naturopathic Philosophies, Principles and Theories. Retrieved from
  2. Commonly Asked Questions About Taking Herbs – Holistic MD answers (

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