Automate Your Life with Habits

Rather than depending on or waiting for motivation.

Creating habits just makes your life simpler and easier.

Habits take the thinking and decision making out of the equation.

Once a habit is set, you no longer come up with excuses not to do it.

You “Just Do It” (@Nike 😉)

Healthy habits done consistently are guaranteed to change your life for the better.

But the key to creating them is “baby steps“.

Always start small.

Something so achievable that you set yourself up for Success.

Then gradually build on it.

And don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two.

Take it as a rest or break and then show up again. Try again. And keep trying until it becomes automatic.

Here are some examples of my favourite habits:

  1. A warm glass of water first thing in the morning – sends warm, fuzzy feelings deep down into your belly and even moves your bowels! 💩
  2. Connecting with nature at least once a day – spending time at the park, walking barefoot on the grass (earthing), catching the sunrise/sunset, breathing fresh air.
  3. Write/create something every day – over time it adds up
  4. Learn something every day – I love listening to podcasts, Blinkist blinks and I always carry a book
  5. Staying active throughout the day – be it taking work breaks every 25 mins, or making a habit to get some exercise before I shower (just 1 set of pushups/squats)
  6. Eating more vegetables than any other food groups – much more than rice, fruits or protein
  7. Choose REAL food – foods found in their original state, minimally processed
  8. Drinking water regularly until my pee is clear
  9. Sleeping early (9-10pm) so I wake early and have a few hours of extreme productivity where I do my best writing/work
So let’s all let our good habits run us like machines!

Love, Peace and Healing

3 thoughts on “Automate Your Life with Habits

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