Naturopathic Theory: Emunctory Theory

The Emunctory Theory states that the elimination of toxins is crucial for health, especially in chronic disease.

Analogy: Think of a river/drain/sewage system that becomes blocked and clogged up with rubbish.

Without proper flow, stagnation will lead to putrefaction, decay and rotting. Breeding pests and disease.

Our body is similar.

We constantly produce ‘rubbish’ (toxins) in the from of metabolic wastes. Additionally, we are living in a very toxic world.

Toxins come from the air, in our water supply, food (artificially added or processed) and are absorbed from the products we put on our skin.

I would also add psychological toxins like toxic thoughts, other people’s judgements/opinions, unhealthy stress, the news and mass media.

Insufficient or inefficient elimination blocks vitality or vital force and ultimately leads to disease.

Our Natural Elimination Channels

Our bodies have a few amazing detoxification/elimination channels:

  1. Our liver
  2. Gastrointestinal system (poop)
  3. Renal system (urine)
  4. Skin (sweat)
  5. Respiratory system (breath, mucus & phlegm)
  6. Glymphatic system (brain – sleep)

Additionally, I would like to add other channels of detoxifying psychological toxins:

Many things contribute to the health of these elimination channels – and consequently our ability to eliminate toxins. Most significant is our diet, followed by lifestyles and psychological states, etc.

Maybe in the future I might follow up with a post on strategies to optimize your elimination channels.

Until then, I hope you’re pooping often, drinking lots of water, peeing often, sweating often, breathing deeply and sleeping like a baby.

Also, check out our Holistic Detox Programme which has supplements to improve your overall health and a book for ‘lifestyle, psychological/emotional/spiritual detoxification’ too.

Thank you for reading.

Stay well,

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