Mini Habits

Have you ever tried to create a new habit but found it too hard?

Researchers say it can take between 18 to 254 days to form a new habit – with the average number at 66 days [1]

However, I never believe in absolute ‘set in stone’ numbers.

Instead, I feel we should focus on the process of habit forming to make it effortless and easy to stick.

This post was inspired by the blinks from ‘Mini Habits’ by Stephen Guise.

Often we set large end-goal targets (habits) to achieve but don’t focus on learning to shoot accurately.

That’s where mini-habits make things easy.

Its a habit that is so easy to achieve that you don’t need any motivation or inspiration to do it.

Instead of walking 30 minutes everyday, start with 5 minutes.

Instead of eating salads, start with an extra serving of vegetables in each meal.

Instead of signing up for a gym membership, start with 5 pushups in the morning.

I hope you get my point.

Baby steps set you up for success.

Eventually, you’ll be sprinting.


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