Good Friday Reflections 2021

Every Good Friday, I reflect on the passion of Christ, on his life and teachings.

What can we learn from Jesus?

This year, I’m thinking of his humility.

Despite being able to work miracles and most probably prevent his own suffering and death, he humbled himself to his Father’s will – that he should be ‘sacrificed’ for the sake of God’s children.

Conversely, it was a lack of humility (pride) that festered jealously in the Pharisees. They were also afraid of this miracle worker who taught with authority. The crowds flocked to him and they sensed that they were losing power. Therefore they plotted for his death.

Humility can open your heart and mind.
Humility can heal your pride.
Humility can overcome fear.
Humility leads to love and sacrifice.
Humility leads to acceptance, surrender, personal transformation and change.

I must admit in my teenage years I was full of pride.
These days I actively try to surrender that pride and humble myself in all things.

Thank you Jesus.

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