Herbalist Community Work

This morning I brought a client with cancer to view and harvest Dragon Tail plant (Epipremnum Pinnatum / “Loong-Wei”) which Sebastian (my mentor) recommended for her treatment.

It was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a herbalist – real grassroots interaction in nature.

I taught her what I learnt from Rongoā Māori (traditional plant medicine of New Zealand):

  • ask permission from the plant before harvesting
  • give thanks to the plant
  • never take more than you need

We also met the people who set up this community garden and he took it from there – giving her a tour of the different plants and even a pot of Coco Peat to plant the Dragon’s tail and other herbs.

The client was so amazed at how well every plant was growing, and excited at the prospects of growing her own herbs. I saw the lights in her eyes glimmer brighter with each passing moment.

I could’ve just harvested those leaves and brought them to our office the next time she came but she wanted to come down to Tampines (from Ang Mo Kio!).

I truly felt like I was doing God’s work as a Herbalist this morning – connecting people to plants.


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