Spelt Pancakes and the Wonders of this Ancient Grain


Dad tried making spelt pancakes this morning for the 1st time!

We don’t drink/have milk at home so he decided he should just omit the 1.5 cups of milk from the recipe…

First batch came out like scones… 😂

Luckily I was around to suggest adding some Greek yogurt to get a more runny batter consistency 🥞

Although spelt has gluten, it is a different type of gluten (more ‘fragile’) due to spelt being an ancient grain – it is much more digestible due to its high water solubility (more bioavailable).

“Studies at the Hildegard Institute in Germany have demonstrated that many people with sensitive digestive systems have found spelt to be easily tolerated.”

Whole, unrefined spelt is highly nutritious, rich in B-complex vitamins and has a good balance of fats (mostly polyunsaturated) and fiber.

St. Hildegard of Bingen, a famous doctor of the church and mystic has this to say about spelt:

“Spelt is warming … lubricating … of high nutritional value.
… is better tolerated by the body than any other grain
… provides its consumer with good flesh
and good blood
and confers a cheerful disposition
… provides a happy mind and joyful spirit
No matter how you eat spelt, either as bread or in other foods, it is good and easy to digest.”

For more info visit: https://www.healthyhildegard.com/hildegard-and-spelt/

I buy organic whole-spelt flour from Scoop, a bulk wholefoods refillery eco-store in Singapore: https://sg.scoopwholefoods.com/

Eat well and be joyful!

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