Radical Remission by Kelly Turner

This book is now on top of my ‘Recommended Reads’ list! 📚

No book has made me both laugh and cry with tears of sorrow and joy.

Nor given me goosebumps, made my hairs stand and sent shivers up and down my spine.

All in a good way, touching my soul as I read these stories of struggle, hope and healing.

Even if you don’t know anyone with cancer, this is a good read to broaden your mind about:

  • the important things in life
  • alternative and complementary therapies that can aid you in healing from anything
  • the power of belief and intuition
  • releasing suppressed and negative emotions
  • harnessing positive emotions
  • the importance of social support
  • having a spiritual practice/connection
  • the impact of your diet and lifestyle

If you are interested, you can purchase the book online in many sites such as Radical Remission : Kelly A. Turner : 9780062268747 (bookdepository.com)

Also check our the Radical Remission Project where you can read more inspirational stories of radical remissions

Peace & Love


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