Sprint for Longevity

🏃🏻‍♂️I finally convinced my 64-year-old dad to try my weekly ALL-OUT sprints workout. 💪🏻

It’s very simple.

Here’s how:

  1. Find a nice straight path, better if it’s in nature and not concrete/asphalt.
  2. SPRINT as fast and as far as your lungs and legs can carry you – usually it’s about 30 secs
    (*take your first set as a ‘warm up’ i.e. go up to 80% and stop)
  3. Rest as long as you need (3-5mins).
    Then when you feel ready, repeat it 2-3 more times depending on your fitness levels.

Now, you may be wondering…

“Why put your body through so much stress? Especially when you’re old?”

It’s counterintuitive but sprinting like your life depends on it (once a week) will flood your body with good hormones like growth hormones and BDNF which all aid in slowing down ageing, building muscle, repairing cells and keeping your brain functioning optimally.

The caviar here is these benefits only accrue in the days after you rest and recover from the workout. (which also means you need to lead a stress-free or stress-managed lifestyle)

So don’t do such an intense workout more than once a week.

Come July, I will be giving a short talk on Healthy Ageing in relation to reducing physical decline such as muscle loss (sarcopenia) 💪🏻

Stay active

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