True Healing = Change

In order to heal, one needs to change.

This realization has dawned on me recently both from my own healing journey (see about pages) and from observing other people on their own healing journeys.

Why do some people get better and others don’t?

Why do some people take much longer to get better,

or go around in circles on their healing journeys,

while others make such rapid recoveries?

I feel it boils down to several key factors or steps:

1. Becoming aware of their illness, imbalance or state of being

2. Realizing they need to change – be it a change in diet, lifestyle, mindset, character, etc.

3. Being open to the idea of change

4. Taking action and making these changes

5. Staying consistent with implemented changes

Healing does not have to be from a physical disease.

To me it can also mean a change of heart, character or as Jesus preached – ‘repentance‘ from sin.

But did you know that “Technically, repentance is a change of mind, not a turning from sin. The Greek word translating “repentance” is metanoia, and that simply means “a change of mind.”

In my own healing journey, I believe a spiritual experience kickstarted it all (spiritual healing).

After that, I no longer felt much fear or worry. Was filled with joy and constantly prayed and blessed everyone and everything around me.

I felt like I never wanted to ‘sin’ again.

Next, I experienced emotional healing.

I went on to right as many broken relationships as I could.

I also became aware of past trauma and patterns of behavior/thinking that I was stuck in. I am still working on correcting these.

Eventually in 3 months I recovered from an incurable autoimmune disease which I had been suffering from for 3 years! (physical healing) It should be said that I also made dietary changes (vegan/vegetarian) and took herbal medicine and supplements under the guidance of a naturopath.

Enough about me.

What about you? Do you have a similar experience or story to share of how you’ve changed for the better and truly healed?

Blessings 🕊


Is repentance a change of mind or a turning from sin? |

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