Homeopathic herb Doses for emotions

Recently I’ve been experimenting with very minute doses (1-3 drops) of herbs for their emotional benefits.

I’ve been ‘spiking’ my family’s drinking water with our herb blend Phyto-Xin.

The main herb is Rose and we use this for all kinds of emotional stress ranging from daily work stress to grief.

Rose can help open your heart, teach you to love and be loved, especially to love yourself.

So far I think the experiment is a success.

I find I am in a better mood, get less irritated, am more calm throughout the day and don’t get as stressed up as before, even during the usual work day stress!

More ’emotionally resilient’ to a great extent.

My sister also commented that she seems more ‘nonchalant’ – more calm and relaxed despite having to deal with difficult customers. And she was surprised at that!

Once again, this highlights the wonders of God’s medicine all around us and the usefulness of traditional knowledge passed down through the ages.

Stay resilient!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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