Phytotherapy for joint diseases and sports performance

Unlike other manipulative therapy, phytotherapy does not view joint diseases as a focal joint disease – ” My ankle has a problem, fix my ankle.” but a systemic disorder with factors such as: 

  • Blood microcirculation 
  • Blood quality (e.g. uric acid and autoantibodies)
  • The health of the cardiovascular system 
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Psycho-social factors

Your blood bathes the joints and the cells. Though helpful in the short term, no manipulation therapy can give a lasting and permanent cure if one does not work on the blood. 

Several herbs in phytotherapy (Western herbal medicine) can help promote & support:

  • microcirculation
  • nerve entrapment
  • inflammation
  • support liver function (and consequently the quality of the blood)
  • support insulin sensitivity
  • prevent muscle strength loss (atrophy)
  • and even regenerate the joints!

Some are also effective for sports performance and stress resistance (both emotional and physical).

A holistic approach also involves coaching in diet and lifestyle, we take it a step further when we assess clients in detail.

Thus, the chances of recovery are higher.

For further information and consultation, you may book an appointment with me via WhatsApp message to 8820 7661 or call us during office hours at 6538 9978 or following this link

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