Blessed Thistle

“The blessed thistle was highly esteemed in the Middle Ages, as indicated by the name St Benedict’s (patron saint of poison antidotes) thistle and because the blessed thistle was famed as one of the herbs to combat the Black Death (1346-1353).

Traditionally, blessed thistle acts on all channels of elimination, making it a powerful blood purifier – supports good digestion, spleen tonic, and removing toxicity.

I learned from a Greek doctor and created Phyto-Celec formulae – a formula to rid what traditional medicine called the black bile (toxicity in body and mind) and also in Phyto-Vira (for supporting immunity against viral infection).

It is also for supporting brain health, circulation in the head area (some conditions associated with it are headache, dizziness, tinnitus), menstrual discomfort, fever management, healthy liver, and digestion.”

– Dr Sebastian Liew


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