I remember seeing dandelion growing everywhere in New Zealand too! Many people think of this as a weed but my naturopath/herbalist classmates and I would pick the bitter leaves for salads! (pesticide free ones of course!)

“Dandelion has a reputation to be a spring tonic.

Traditionally, it is used to bring out the heat in the body system such as in acute fever and unresolved infection.

The root is used mainly to support the liver, while the leaves for the kidney.

Though it is a diuretic, it does not deplete the body of potassium and minerals (in fact is a source of minerals).

It slowly removes bile stagnation and supports digestion.

People with stuck bile is likely to have constant anger and frustration.

Dandelion root is one of the herbs in PHYTO-NZYME® – a formulae to support liver, spleen, cholesterol metabolism and in Phytocel® as a leaf to support lymph circulation and the kidneys.

蒲公英素有春季补品的美誉。传统上,它用于带出身体系统中的热量,例如急性发烧和未解决的感染。根主要用于支持肝脏,而叶子用于肾脏。虽然是一种利尿剂,但它不会消耗体内的钾和矿物质(实际上是矿物质的来源)。它慢慢消除胆汁停滞并支持消化。胆汁卡住的人可能会持续愤怒和沮丧。蒲公英根是 PHYTO-NZYME® 中的一种草药 – 一种支持肝脏、脾脏、胆固醇代谢的配方,在 Phytocel® 中作为叶子来支持淋巴循环和肾脏。”

– Dr Sebastian Liew


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