Herb of the Day: “Echinacea is one of the most well-known Western herbs.

Traditionally, the American Indians used it for snake bites and poisons.

The media tells you it boosts immunity, a very superficial understanding.

The correct application for Echinacea is alterative – lymph and blood cleansing. I applied this principle in my formulae PHYTO-VIRA (supporting herb for viral infection), Phyto-Dente (for gums health), and many of my lymph cleansing formulas.



紫錐花的正確應用是替代 – 淋巴和血液清潔。我在我的配方 PHYTO-VIRA(支持病毒感染的草藥)、PhytoDente(用於牙齦健康)和我的許多淋巴清潔配方中應用了這個原則。”

– Dr Sebastian Liew




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