#Herboftheday FENNEL is an age-old, easily available universal remedy. 100% healthy – it is one of the best digestive and strengthening herbs.

Fennel can support relief of indigestion, cramps, bad breath, body odor, gas, heartburn, anxiety, colic, the digestion of fatty foods and digestive distress after dietary mistakes (esp. fried foods).

St Hildegard writes, “However eaten (e.g. spice, vegetable, tea, or tablets) fennel makes us happy, produces beautiful skin, good digestion and good body odor. … Eaten daily on an empty stomach, they reduce mucus and all rottenness, take away halitosis and clear the eyes”.

Hildegard medicine uses bitter fennel for medicinal purposes and this is available in our clinic as Virita Fennel tablets or Fennel Tea powder. Common or sweet fennel is the species used in food.

茴香是一种古老的、容易找到的、通用的药物。100% 健康 – 它是最好的消化和强化草药之一。茴香可以帮助消化不良、痉挛、口臭、体臭、胀气、胃灼热、焦虑、绞痛、脂肪食物的消化和饮食错误(尤其是油炸食物)后的消化不良。

St Hildegard 写道:“无论哪种形式的茴香(香料、蔬菜、茶或药片),茴香使我们快乐,产生美丽的皮肤,良好的消化和良好的体味。 ……每天空腹食用,它们可以减少粘液和所有的腐烂,消除口臭并清洁眼睛”。

Hildegard 医学将苦茴香用于药用目的,这在我们的诊所中以 Virita 茴香片或茴香茶粉的形式提供。 食品中使用的物种是普通茴香或甜茴香

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