Galangal is a southeast asian herb that spread throughout Europe during the spice trade. St Hildegard called it “the spice of life” or “miracle root”.

Galangal is used for heart pain, stroke, circulation (blood stagnation), fatigue, nausea, motion-sickness, dizziness and mild digestive issues (food poisoning).

Modern research shows it has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, anti-hypertensive and even pro-fertility (sperm count) properties!

There are 2 types of Galangal – lesser and greater Galangal. The more medicinal lesser Galangal is found in our clinic (Virita Galangal Tablets). The greater ones are used commonly in SEA cuisines.

We like to carry some Galangal tablets around in our bags as they are an excellent “herbal first-aid” for cardiovascular or digestive issues!

“Whoever is suffering from heart pain or is threatened by a cardiovascular weakness (fainting) should immediately eat a sufficient amount of Galangal, and he will feel better.” – St Hildegard of Bingen




有 2 种类型的高良姜 – 小高良姜和大高良姜。 在我们的诊所(Virita Galangal Tablets)中发现了更多的药用小高良姜。 较大的通常用于东南亚美食。


“任何患有心脏疼痛或受到心血管虚弱(昏厥)威胁的人都应该立即吃足够量的高良姜,他会感觉更好。” – 宾根的圣希尔德加德

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