Plantain (Plantago major) is one of the most commonly found plants along fields and meadows in Europe, Central Asia, and Eurasia. The leaves are an excellent first-aid for insect bites or stings from Stinging Nettle.

Plantain is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine for wound healing, inflammation and infections. Plantain’s energetics is cool and dry, effective in stopping bleeding.

We use plantain as a spray for drawing out toxins from insect bites and even skin infections (eczema/topical-steroid treatment).

Plantain is also a key component of our PHYTO-DENTE mouthwash for all kinds of teeth/gum issues.

The popular psyllium husk bulk laxative is derived from the husk of plantain seeds but we do not recommend that long term as it is harsh on the digestive tract.

In our clinic, we have plantain (psyllium) seeds which also absorb water, swell and become mucilaginous. This prebiotic soothes the digestive tract and brings down inflammation, while the fibrous material stimulates the bowels to relieve constipation. Hildegard medicine recommends boiling in wine to treat leaky gut.

车前草(Plantago major)是欧洲、中亚和欧亚大陆田野和草地上最常见的植物之一。叶子是治疗荨麻叮咬或叮咬的极好急救方法。车前草传统上用于西方草药治疗伤口愈合、炎症和感染。车前草的能量清凉干燥,能有效止血。


车前草也是我们 PHYTO-DENTE 漱口水的关键成分,可解决各种牙齿/牙龈问题。


在我们的诊所,我们有车前草(洋车前子)种子,它们也会吸水、膨胀并变成粘液状。 这种益生元可舒缓消化道并降低炎症,而纤维物质可刺激肠道以缓解便秘。 希尔德加德医学建议用酒煮沸来治疗肠漏。

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