“Rose has a great affinity for the heart and love – Goddess of beauty Venus in Greek mythology and the Virgin Mary in Christian culture.

According to ancient teachings, the heart was the soul and the seat of emotions. Modern research studies such as Heart Math have confirmed what was taught by the old doctors and spiritual leaders long ago. Many diseases are associated with stress and emotional imbalance. Therefore, healing the ‘heart’ is essential for any physical or mental condition.

The main herb in the formulae Phytoxin® is organic biodynamic rose for stress support. I see so many ‘miracles’ from Phytoxin® in supporting emotional balance.

Care givers, counselors, teachers, psychologists, and mental health workers will find Phytoxin® an excellent adjunct tool in their healing work.

Rose is specific for people who have a lot of heat (anger, frustration, overthinking), sensitive nature, and are highly reactive to stress. and unable to love and be loved.”

– Dr Sebastian Liew



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