Hart’s Tongue Fern

“Hart’s Tongue Fern (HT) is a traditional European herb that supports the spleen and the liver. Taught by St Hildegard of Bingen, the famed herbalist, and Benedictine abbess –

“It is good for the liver, the lungs, and the gut.” Between the liver and the lung is a close functional connection because the liver provides the energy for the circulation of the lungs.”

From my experiences, Hart’s tongue fern Elixir (prepared with wine, cinnamon, and white pepper) seldom fails to treat chronic cough due to lung weakness, particularly those with weak lungs and poor immunity in the elderly.

Both Dr. Strehlow and I also witnessed the benefits of using HT for supporting thyroid and hormonal balance (fertility?).

Hart’s Tongue Fern Elixir is available as a dried herb package with the recipe from the SLC (Sebastian Liew Centre) clinic. Members can purchase via the website.

Hart’s Tongue Fern (HT) 是一種傳統的歐洲草本植物,可支持脾臟和肝臟。由著名的草藥師和本篤會修道院院長賓根的聖希爾德加德教授 –



Strehlow 博士和我也見證了使用 HT 支持甲狀腺和荷爾蒙平衡(生育能力?)的好處。

Hart’s Tongue Fern Elixir 以乾藥草包裝的形式提供,配方來自 SLC(Sebastian Liew Centre)診所。會員可以通過網站購買。”

– Dr Sebastian Liew


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