Nettle Seed

“Are you tired all the time? Got bubbles in your urine? Please do a medical check. It could be weak kidney function. One of the best herbs to support kidney function is nettle seed.

Nettle seed is considered a Western adaptogen herb that supports the adrenal glands and endocrine system. It is a kidney tonic. It slows down renal failure, evidenced by increased kidney glomerular function and lowered serum creatine levels.

Nettle seed wildcrafted and organic is available in my clinic as a liquid tincture. You need to take a minimum of 30 drops 3 x a day before a meal to support kidney function. As kidney ailment is a severe condition, work with your doctor to monitor the progress. Keep the naturopath/herbalist informed and develop a holistic protocol to support the condition.




我的診所供應野生和有機蕁麻種子作為液體酊劑。您需要在飯前每天至少服用 30 滴,每次 3 次,以支持腎功能。由於腎臟疾病是一種嚴重的疾病,請與您的醫生一起監測進展情況。讓自然療法/草藥師了解情況,並製定一個整體方案來支持這種情況”

– Dr Sebastian Liew



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