Our bodies need unceasing and constant care

We clean our houses regularly and take the trash out everyday right? otherwise dirt, dust and trash builds up and this affects the health and well-being of the occupants.

So why don’t people realize the same scenario plays out in the body if you aren’t eliminating their wastes well (e.g. chronic constipation)

We take of our cars by sending them for regular servicing right?

Don’t you think we need to have a regular health checkup too?

Also the type of fuel you put into the car makes a world of difference right?

Imagine the consequences of putting in unrefined and ‘junk’ oil to run the engine.

Over time as good as it tastes, ‘junk’ food will destroy your body’s internal ‘engines’ too.

Lastly, why do some people wait until they retire before looking into their health?

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases etc. all take decades to develop.

Some people don’t have the luxury of decades and may be struck with a serious illness sooner than later.

The right time to prioritize your health is now. Not only for yourself, but for those you love too.

I highly recommend reading Dr. Sebastian’s first book Leaf to Life which can teach you about all aspects of holistic health.

Peace and Health,

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