Inner Peace

Do you have inner peace?

Because healing can not be complete without inner peace.

In fact, healing should start with seeking peace within our hearts.

I have repeatedly seen inner emotional turmoil causes disease (dis-ease) in our clients.

Especially the more complicated diseases like autoimmunity and cancer.

This inner turmoil often festers and like stress, can cause all kinds of disease symptoms in the body.

It also steers us away from making healthful choices in life – contributing to the vicious cycle of disease-promoting behaviors. Even breaking up bonds between family/friends.

So how to let go of and heal from this inner turmoil? How to heal from the negativity?

  • open yourself to grace from God. No matter your religion or beliefs, open your heart and pray in any way you desire. Pray for the grace to let go and to let peace into your heart.
  • Certain herbs like Rose can open our hearts to love and facilitate this process. You may check it out here:
  • Go out in nature or spiritual places and spend time in prayer and contemplation
  • Go for confession if you’re catholic, if not, say your own version of confession and truly feel sorry and believe that God has forgiven you and truly wants you to heal and live your best life

I too, have experienced healing from my own autoimmunity which started from an inner transformation; a spiritual one.

In this line of work (helping others heal), one cannot deny the connection between the mind, the body and the soul.

I leave you with the same greeting that Jesus gave to his disciples after his resurrection:

“Peace be with you”

and my favorite prayer from St Francis:

Jahn T.


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