Taking Your Own Medicine?

Can Doctors take their own medicine just to see its effects (and side effects) on the body? Obviously not because its too strong!

But guess what? We herbalists can! 😊

That’s an advantage we have as we can try the herbs and experience first hand how it works in our bodies.

This is a Horsechestnut simple which I’m trying because I realize I have some weakness in my venous tone and backflow. Every time I start running I notice a sharp ‘ache or blockage’ deep in my left calf.

I have also been seeing clients with the same issues such as heavy, tired and swollen legs after standing too long, especially at the end of the day; other symptoms of poor venous tone includes piles (hemorrhoids) and varicose veins.

In just a week, I can feel a significant difference in the calf pain! I am also getting to know the herb better on an emotional/energetic level too.

The chestnut tree is very large and exudes strength. Therefore its essence may be suitable “when one feels small and insignificant, as if too frail to function in society. The horse chestnut has a calming, reassuring, fatherly energy, and it moves our energy upward, which is helpful for a tendency toward depressive moods.”

That’s me. I have a tendency towards a cold-depressed tissue state and negative thoughts that sometimes spiral into depression.

But ever since starting this remedy, I feel like those negative thoughts have become far and few between. I even found myself smiling more and feeling more joy these days. As if nothing could make me sad ☺️

In Bach Flower Remedies, White Chestnut (flower of Horse Chestnut tree) is indicated for Persistent unwanted thoughts; mental arguments and conversations.


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