Calcium Supplements, Osteoporosis and Cardiovascular Disease?

Last year, one of the aunties at the park where I exercise collapsed due to a blocked artery.

I recently found out that she ‘cannot go without a cup of milk’ first thing in the morning.

She also takes calcium supplements to maintain her bones.

Now this is a controversial topic and one that Dr Sebastian has repeatedly addressed. This is his latest post:

“A meta-analysis found that calcium supplements increased the risk of CVD by about 15% in healthy postmenopausal women.

Many people take a calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis. 

The fact is osteoporosis is not a mineral deficiency disease.

It has more to do with hormonal imbalance, such as early menopause.

Leaf to Life Hormonal Balance can help to support estrogen balance if required (see professional advice).  Contact us for information on Hormone Balance. 

The bone matrix is the main issue to manage and not density alone.

Bone matrix determines the strength of joints and bones, and density does not guarantee strength.

It would be best if you also had oxygenation cells for bone regeneration. The correct ratio of essential fatty acids (not fish oils) can support the oxygenation of cells, such as in Phyto-EFA.



Bolland, M. J., Avenell, A., Baron, J. A., Grey, A., MacLennan, G. S., Gamble, G. D., & Reid, I. R. (2010). Effect of calcium supplements on risk of myocardial infarction and cardiovascular events: a meta-analysis. BMJ (Clinical research ed.)341, c3691.

On further investigation, I found some real-world updated research that associates calcium supplementation to increased risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Read more here: Park, J. M., Lee, B., Kim, Y. S., Hong, K. W., Park, Y. C., Shin, D. H., Kim, Y., Han, K., Kim, K., Shin, J., Kim, M., & Kim, B. T. (2022). Calcium Supplementation, Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases, and Mortality: A Real-World Study of the Korean National Health Insurance Service Data. Nutrients14(12), 2538.

What do I recommend?

Its not just about how much calcium you eat.

There are 2 other factors that most people fail to consider:

1. How much calcium are you absorbing from your food? Are you digesting and absorbing (assimilating) properly? (see my latest YouTube video for more)

2. How much are you losing on a daily basis?

  • Did you know that people who eat plant-based diets don’t necessarily have a higher risk of low bone density? [1, 2]
  • Do you give your bone enough stimulus to maintain strong bones? Clue: weight bearing activities

So what I would recommend is to eat a plant-based diet, avoid calcium supplements and take up healthy lifestyle habits that keep your bones strong as well as help you prevent all other age-related health disorders.

For more customized holistic solutions, you may book an appointment with us by WhatsApp +65 8820 7661 or clicking here


  1. Chuang, T. L., Lin, C. H., & Wang, Y. F. (2020). Effects of vegetarian diet on bone mineral density. Tzu chi medical journal33(2), 128–134.
  2. Knurick, J. R., Johnston, C. S., Wherry, S. J., & Aguayo, I. (2015). Comparison of correlates of bone mineral density in individuals adhering to lacto-ovo, vegan, or omnivore diets: a cross-sectional investigation. Nutrients7(5), 3416–3426.

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