Lifestyle Medicine: Warm Water on Waking

This is a lifestyle habit/hack that I've been recommending to many clients and friends. Start your day right with a glass of warm water first thing in the morning. Why? Because you're probably dehydrated from the night's sleepBecause it feels sooo good. That warm water creates a warm fuzzy feeling as the water flows down … Continue reading Lifestyle Medicine: Warm Water on Waking

Naturopathic Theory: Emunctory Theory

The Emunctory Theory states that the elimination of toxins is crucial for health, especially in chronic disease. Analogy: Think of a river/drain/sewage system that becomes blocked and clogged up with rubbish. Without proper flow, stagnation will lead to putrefaction, decay and rotting. Breeding pests and disease. Our body is similar. We constantly produce 'rubbish' (toxins) … Continue reading Naturopathic Theory: Emunctory Theory

Automate Your Life with Habits

Rather than depending on or waiting for motivation. Creating habits just makes your life simpler and easier. Habits take the thinking and decision making out of the equation. Once a habit is set, you no longer come up with excuses not to do it. You "Just Do It" (@Nike 😉) Healthy habits done consistently are … Continue reading Automate Your Life with Habits

Naturopathic Theory: Theory of Toxaemia

This theory talks about how ill-health can be caused by self-intoxication or toxaemia. Also on the Seven stages of Health Loss.

Naturopathic Theory: Hering’s Law of Cure

This theory is an interesting one. Hering's Law of Cure is based off observations in nature and people where certain diseases seem to develop in various directions within the body: from the periphery to the centrefrom the outside to the insideand from the bottom up Therefore Hering's Law of Cure describes the direction of cure … Continue reading Naturopathic Theory: Hering’s Law of Cure

Foot Reflexology

(Instagram Repost) Have you heard of reflexology? It’s based on the TCM theory that body parts, organs and systems are interconnected. So massaging various body parts can confer health benefits to other parts of the body. traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) In TCM, reflexology aims to keep qi (pronounced “chee” aka “vital force”) flowing smoothly throughout … Continue reading Foot Reflexology

Determinants of Health

In the previous post, I mentioned that the first order of healing is to Establish the Foundations for Optimal Health by removing obstacles to health/healing and assessing determinants of health. But what are determinants of health? Simply put, they are factors that determine your health. The World Health Organization classifies these broadly as [1]: the … Continue reading Determinants of Health

Naturopathic Theory: The Therapeutic Order

The Therapeutic Order is a theory based on observations of the natural healing process over thousands of years. It guides naturopathic physicians by providing an order on which to decide which healing modality to apply first. This stems from the Naturopathic Principle of “Vis medicatrix naturae” (The Healing Power of Nature) which acknowledges that the body … Continue reading Naturopathic Theory: The Therapeutic Order

“Value of a Fever”

Continuing on this series on Naturopathic Theories, this post will cover the "Value of a Fever". This theory challenges the conventional paradigm or common thinking that a fever is bad. What is a fever? A fever is simply a systemic response from the body that results in elevated core temperatures. [1] The normal temperature of … Continue reading “Value of a Fever”

Naturopathic Cures

The Theory of Naturopathic Cures may have originated from the works of a Spanish Naturopath, José Oriol Ávila Montesó in the 1980s [1]. In “How Naturopathy Works", he outlined a therapeutic approach involving 4 key stages: detoxification, revitalization, stabilization and regeneration. For each of these, he highlighted the importance of both the physical and mental … Continue reading Naturopathic Cures