Homeopathic herb Doses for emotions

Recently I've been experimenting with very minute doses (1-3 drops) of herbs for their emotional benefits. I've been 'spiking' my family's drinking water with our herb blend Phyto-Xin. The main herb is Rose and we use this for all kinds of emotional stress ranging from daily work stress to grief. Rose can help open your … Continue reading Homeopathic herb Doses for emotions


LIFESTYLE? Do you listen to your urges? Go when you need to go?Make time each morning to sit on the 'throne', relax & breathe?Start your day with a warm cup of water? EMOTIONS? Too stressed or busy?Anxiety? Always worried?Unresolved emotions? "Holding it in"? HYDRATION? Very common & overlooked.Drinking enough? (urine clear)Drinking often? FIBRE? At least … Continue reading CONSTIPATION: QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF 💩

Chronic Leg Infection

Yesterday I met a client with chronic infection amongst other health problems (schizophrenia, OCD, etc.). He had come to pick up Saint John’s Wort tablets because he swears it’s the best thing that works for him for his schizophrenia. However, my first impression of him was that of an starved individual. He looked like a … Continue reading Chronic Leg Infection

Hibiscus Flower Tea

Did you know the beautiful Hibiscus flower can be drunk as a tea? In recent days, this has become a regular herbal tea in my family. Due to its cooling nature, this is great for hot tropical climates in Singapore where the plant thrives. Common names: Hibiscus, Chinese hibiscus Species: Hibiscus spp., including H. rosa-sinensis, H. sabdariffa. … Continue reading Hibiscus Flower Tea

Aloe Vera Monograph

HERB: Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera); 芦荟 lú huì FAMILY: Liliaceae (Lily family). Commentary: Besides being great for soothing and healing the digestive tract, you can use the inner gel topically for burns or other inflammatory skin conditions. Also I just learnt that Aloe Vera could help expel worms and is toxic to growing embryos and … Continue reading Aloe Vera Monograph

Herbal Constituents

In the previous post I explained what herbal actions are. This one will focus on the constituents. To put it simply, herbal constituents are identified chemical compounds unique to each herb which produce the herb's effects. It is modern science's way of isolating and validating a herb's actions. For example, the Salicylates from Willow bark … Continue reading Herbal Constituents

Herbs & Cancer

Today I learnt from Sebastian Liew (@leaf_to_life) that many traditional medicine cultures consider the origins of cancer as a wound that keeps getting hurt. The body tries to keep healing this wound but eventually the healing goes out of whack and cells keep multiplying, leading to tumours and metastases. Hence traditional herbal medicine has used … Continue reading Herbs & Cancer

Herbal Actions and Examples

Have you heard of Herbal Actions? Before a Medical Herbalist chooses the herbs and blends a formula for a patient, he/she decides on what Herbal Action is required. This guides their choice of herbs in the formula. The actions are chosen after a thorough case-take with the client and will try to improve symptoms as … Continue reading Herbal Actions and Examples

What is Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy)?

‘Herbal medicine’ is the therapeutic use of plant preparations to prevent disease, enhance health and alleviate suffering. [1] A huge part of my degree involved Herbal Medicine.(BNHM = Bachelor of Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine. Basically a degree in Naturopathy but specializing in Herbal Medicine) But what is it? Herbal Medicine is also known as ‘Plant … Continue reading What is Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy)?

Gym Accident and Herbal Medicine for Severe Bleeding

Who would've thought that a common teabag can stop severe bleeding!?