Healthy Plate: Carbohydrates

My definitive guide to Carbs. #longtimecoming #nutritionseries #healthyplate

Healthy Plate: Protein

Another important portion of the healthy plate is the 1/4 allocated for protein. I cannot emphasise how important protein is for our health and wellbeing. what is Protein?and why is it important? "If your body was a house, the bricks that form its walls are the amino acids you get from digesting protein. The cement … Continue reading Healthy Plate: Protein

Healthy Plate: Vegetables

We are often told to "eat more vegetables" or "eat the rainbow" but I find these advice too vague and thus rather unhelpful. Here are some more specific guidelines I have learnt and implemented. The 3 Major Groups of Vegetables From Dr. Terry Wahls's Wahl's Protocol [1], the emphasis is on low-sugar / low-starch vegetables … Continue reading Healthy Plate: Vegetables

Planning a Healthy Plate

Here is a simple image I like to give to clients to teach them how to plan a healthy meal. The foods here are only examples, not meant to show how much of each to eat at one time. [1] The basic rules are: Have at least 1/2 your meal filled with Vegetables Divide the … Continue reading Planning a Healthy Plate

Stewed Apples for GUT/IMMUNE Health

Its amazing how a simple and delicious dish like this can address the root cause of so many diseases today.

Sauerkraut for Gut & Immune Health

Making my first batch of sauerkraut since being back in Sg! What makes fermented cabbage so good for our health? Cabbage is high in glutamine - a conditionally essential amino acid which is an important fuel source for cells in our immune and gastrointestinal system. Glutamine supports normal growth and development of intestinal cells and … Continue reading Sauerkraut for Gut & Immune Health

Beetroot Salad for Liver and Gallbladder Health

Within health food circles, beets are said to be great for liver and gallbladder health right? I was curious why and found my answer while reading an old article from the Weston A Price Foundation. [1] In it, there was also a recipe for a beetroot salad. But spending almost an hour shredding these was … Continue reading Beetroot Salad for Liver and Gallbladder Health

Black Beans Lotus Root Mushroom Soup

This is a revered Chinese tonic soup due to its high nutritional value. And my dad's secret for prolonging grey hair! He makes a large pot almost every week for the family. Ingredients and Instructions Soak the black beans overnightWash, clean and cut the lotus and shiitakeAdd them all in one pot and bring to … Continue reading Black Beans Lotus Root Mushroom Soup

How to Make Wiser Food Choices?

"Will this do more harm than good?" That's a question to ask yourself. As someone who has recovered from an "incurable" condition, my body is still quite fragile. Easily "broken" again might be another way to put it. I have learnt this the hard way many times over with my food choices. Take this once-a-week … Continue reading How to Make Wiser Food Choices?

What is Normal Eating?

Do you think you have a 'Normal' eating pattern? Take a look at this diagram detailing various eating patterns from our lecture today on Nutrition and Mental Health. Really food for thought eh? I must admit, after trying so many diets and multiple bouts of fasting over the past years, I think I have a … Continue reading What is Normal Eating?