“The whole point of fitness is to maintain a high quality of life by moving your body.” Ryan Wagner

2018, 26th JunHill Sprints: One of the Most Efficient Workouts

A Movement Morning!

Finding a New Sport through Divine Intervention?

Movement Mornings!

Guides/Training Programs

  1. GET FIT with this “5-Minute FIT” Workout Routine!
  2. How To Prepare For An Obstacle Course Race: Gear & Nutrition
  3. My Pull-Up Journey: A guide to achieving your new maximum pull-up count
  4. A Simple Calisthenics Training Program and Guide
  5. Q & A: Bodyweight exercises to get ripped?

Gymnastics Rings (Exercise & Tutorials)

  1. Gymnastics Rings: Beginner Flow 2
  2. Gymnastics Rings: Beginner Flow 1
  3. The Baby Muscle Up!
  4. 5 Tips to Achieving the Tuck-to-Tuck Shoulder Stand
  5. Beginner Rings Exercise Tutorial 3: The Plank
  6. Beginner Rings Exercise Tutorial 2: L-Sit (Holds & Reps)
  7. Beginner Rings Exercise Tutorial 1: Rings Support Hold

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  2. Training Methods: Modifying Holds for Reps 

Training Logs

  1. 2016 Wk 32
  2. Mobility Monday (Week 40)
  3. Training Tuesdays (Week 40)

Workout Archive

  1. “Burpee Murph”
  2. Intermediate Bodyweight Circuit 1
  3. Rowing Intervals for Distance 1
  4. Sandbag Couplet Pyramid